Experience corporate life and general        standards of success   

   Find true love

   Get rid of needless stuff, pack my

   bags and live abroad

   Become a dive instructor

   Save a stray

-  Save more strays 

-  Learn more about sustainability

   permaculture, nature preservation

-  Practice what I preach

   Creating a permaculture garden

   Become vegan

   Educate and inspire others

   Start my own meaningfull, original

   organization, in green hospitality,

   helping people make the right choices 

   for themselves and the world

-  Finish my studies in permaculture

   Become an activist

January 1, 2017

And she said that I would want to be independent, happy and also strive for a big pool in my backyard. In certain of my many phases this fitted well. But in the end.. I always have known what I really wanted. My parents, like most parents wanted the best for me. I've t...

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-  Make a parachute jump


-  Windsurfing

-  Go back to Aruba 

-  Learn how to crochet and use my 

   creativity more

-  Live on an animal cruelty free 'farm'

-  Create an animal sanctuary

-  Have the coolest children.. maybe

-  Be super fit

   Learn how to do yoga

-  Try ayahuasca

-  Write a book

   Save a wild animal

-  Save more wild animals

-  Make Liv Lottle a known brand 

   promoting living the best life possible

   Make a website

-  Read more books

   Visit a festival twice a year

   Owning a cool travel van, suitable for us    and our pets


Hi, I'm Liv Lottle.. well try to be. Everybody has dreams, but I noticed that a lot of people don't follow them. Mine was to live on the other side of the world by June 2017, getting my kicks out of experiences instead of possessions. And doing good for the world, without thinking about my wallet as much. I knew that I probably would not wake up in my hammock someday magically having all that is on my bucketlist. So I went, fell and got up again and in the process met some inspiring other true Liv Lottles that helped me in my own journey. 

And during the whole experience, I write, film and learn and share all of it here. Enjoy! 

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