When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother..

January 1, 2017

And she said that I would want to be independent, happy and also strive for a big pool in my backyard. In certain of my many phases this fitted well. But in the end.. I always have known what I really wanted. My parents, like most parents wanted the best for me. I've tried it and think I've made them proud, but it seems that it just isn't the best that I can be. As a little girl I always said that I was going to work for Greenpeace. That, and maybe the pierced nose, chain on my trousers and pink hair, worried my parents a bit. But eventually I also took the beaten path. But on it my feeling that I wasn't on the right track kept getting stronger. Choosing a management study seemed smart, but what can I actually do now? That I really find interesting I mean. Choosing wise is not always the smartest. I can make project plans and produce a lot of paperwork that’s part of a much greater plan, that is again part of a much greater.. and it all ends in elusive economics and politics. Yawn. But still my current job isn't terrible. It helps me save (a lot) of money for my goals and it's only for a couple of more months. I just really don’t want to use my current work experience in getting another deskjob in a different world of desks and suits. For now, the money, the car are nice, but the computer I stare at every day bores me in a way my inner alto doesn’t pleases. So a note to my teenage self: don't go that way! Or actually do, it will all work out in the end. I know that now;) 




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