Wedding and Liv'ing Lottle celebration

January 31, 2017

Woehoee! "Going to the chapel, going to get marr-ied". But not really to a chapel, or the townhall for longer than 10 minutes, but married yes! His proposal wasn't very unexpected because of the drunk night we had a few weeks earlier and the ring that was deliverd when I was home. No worries I wrote him a postcard to come clean about my pre-knowledge.. you can't start your engagement with any lies. But besides that I am definitely surprised. We never seemed the marry-kind of people because of the whole promising to be the perfect spouse to your church and government. We don't think that is very romantic or necessary. But our hippie chic wedding is! About a year ago we discussed how it would be nice to organize a big going away party for our close friends and family in festivalstyle. Including wristbands to get in, foodtrucks, Asian beers to cheers, lots of dancing, a little market and tipbox for our last stuff and furniture, and all that I gathered on my Pinterest board. And that triggered my boyfriend to tie the knot, and I'm so happy about that. It will make the whole thing extra special for everyone. We will keep some of the traditional that we love, like my father walking me down the aisle, the dressing up with my mother and bridemates, one more time wanting a beach babe figure and sticking (with) it in a not so traditional but for the occasion very noticeable dress. Besides all the romantic considerations and that it's going to be the best going away party ever, it can be convenient to be married abroad.  For example for your work- and residence permit, more trust of the local people and hopefully some little ones in the future. So a little more to think about besides our emigration, we now also have a wedding to plan! I noticed already that the little princess in me is coming out of the closet. 

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